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Voi Bạc is a member of NetGroup. With the development orientation to become a leading organization specializing in production and trading of labor protection in Vietnam. Proud to be a high quality Vietnamese brand. We always strive to create good products that meet the needs of the market. The main field of Voi Bạc focuses on researching solutions for occupational safety, manufacturing and supplying products to domestic companies and enterprises and exporting to international markets.

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Through in-depth research to give advice and implement necessary labor safety protection solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises. Contributing to ensuring occupational safety, making life safer and better.

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About Voi Bạc

About Voi Bạc


Striving to fulfill its own mission to become a company specializing in manufacturing – supplying the leading labor protection equipment, tools and supplies in Vietnam. In the next 10 years, we will expand our production scale and lead the labor protection market in Vietnam. In the next 30 years, Silver Elephant will become a prestigious brand with a wide market all over the world.

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About Voi Bạc
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About Voi Bạc
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About Voi Bạc
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